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Directly-laying PVC floor

Installation requirements


(I) Requirements on the ground:

1. The ground can be terrazzo, porcelain tile, or cement.

2. The ground should be smooth and the undulation should be smaller than 2.5‰.

3. The ground should be of enough strength, no sand steak or ground decladding.

4. The ground has to be dried. The newly cast ground has to be dried for 10 days and maintained for 10 days.

(II) Installation process

Clean the ground -- > lay conductive copper mesh --> pull out ground wire --> coat the ground with floor --> coat the floor with glue --> lay the floor --> weld the cracks between the floor panels --> clean the surface --> link the earth wire --> test the performance of the floor

(III)  Maintenance of permanently static-free PVC floor

1. No nailed shoes are allowed to step on the floor.

2. It‘s forbidden to damage the floor with hard items, or leave marks and smear on the floor. The route for equipment moving and the periphery of equipment installation site have to be covered with Plywood.

3. After the installation is finished, the equipments and devices cannot be dragged on the floor.

4. It‘s strictly forbidden to wash the floor with corrosive solvent.

5. Workers should wear special shoes with soft sole or footmuff when entering the work space in case that dust will be taken there.

6. It is strictly prohibited the pollution of penetrable ink or machine oil on the surface of the floor.

7. Prevent the heavily-loaded wheeled trolley from being dragged on the floor. Don‘t use black rubber wheel trolley in the production space. Nylon wheel trolley is recommended.

8. When the floor is stained, use gasoline oil, cleaner essence, cleaner powder to wash the surface of the floor and then polish it with anti-static wax.

9. Usually, the floor has to be cleaned once a year, and then polished with anti-static wax for maintenance.


Analysis and comparison of PVC permanent static-free floor technical parameters


The surface of PVC permanent static-free floor produced by our plant has been hot pressed and glazed. We are the only PVC permanent static free floor manufacturer who adopts the advanced hot pressing and glazing technology in China. All the other domestic manufacturers adopt levigating technology, which will produce small holes on the plastic joint face on the surface of the floor, and cause pollution of the floor surface, even the secondary pollution of the clean workshops. In addition, the levigated floor has weak wearability, and usually the abrasion value is about 0.003 g/cm2, while the GB regulates that the abrasion value should be no bigger than 0.02 g/cm2. After high-temperature pressing and glazing, the plastic panels on the surface of the floor are bonded closely, and are of good lustre and pliability. So the surface of the floor won‘t be stained, and the floor will be of stable size and good wearability. Generally, the abrasion value will be 0.008g/cm2. According to the requirements on the cleanness and static control of different locations, both static conductive floors and static dissipative floors are for the customer’s option.


The PVC static-free floors have been tested by Static-free Products Monitoring and Inspection Center of the National Ministry of Information Industry and the quality and indices of the product have met national standards. In regular services, our PVC permanent static-free floors can serve about 20 years.

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