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All-steel ceramic static-free raise floor

[Product Feature]


1. Static-free, beautiful, elegant, durable and easy to repair.

2. Standardized component, precise in size, easy to install, exchangeable;

3. High-load design that meets the level of construction completion; and the height can be customized;

4. Dual-layer shock-proof beam needed for special height, steel structure and support method can be designed;

5. The color and material of the surface can be decided by the customer according to the function of the product;

6. Moisture-proof, rust-proof, fire-proof, durable, cyclic;




The raised floor is specially designed for the computer room. The raised floor is widely used in the computer room, satellite ground station equipment room, TV station control room, launching control room, microwave communication station equipment room, SPC telephone exchanger room, clean workshops, assembling workshop in electronics factory, confidential  optical instrument production workshop, hospital, school and other locations that have static control needs.

[Technical Parameter]



All-steel Ceramic Static-free Floor Specification and Parameter  



Specification (mm)

Concentrated load

Uniformly distributed load (N/m 2)

Ultimate load

Fire-resistance property






All-steel ceramic static-free floor





Class A

1x105- 1x10

(system resistance)


All-steel ceramic static-free floor





Class A

1x105- 1x10

(system resistance)

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