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Construction of Static-control Tiles << Returns tabulation


1. Preparation


1.1 Before the construction of surface works, the construction plan and electrostatic earthing system diagram shall be available and the technical disclosure shall be made.


1.2 Static-control porcelain floors and various materials adopted in the project;

1.3 The elevation, quality of material, compactness and strength level of the ground underlayer, flooring structure and the packing layer shall meet design specifications. In case that the waterproof isolating layer is available, the non-watertight tests shall be made and the surface shall be leveling. If necessary, the coarsening treatment shall be made.

1.4 All pre-buried pipelines and built-in fittings shall be finished according to design requirements. If there are standpipes passing the base layer, the gap between the standpipe and the floor slab must receive the pressurized treatment. When the test is qualified and all concealment records have been made, the surface works of the static-control porcelain floors can be commenced.


1.5 Earthing terminals used for the conductive earthing network shall be saved according to technical requirements and setting the earthing terminal box. When the earthing terminal box adopts the metal enclosure, it shall be insulated from the ground terminals.


1.6 Various engineering construction materials, equipment and instrument and fire-fighting equipment shall be complete.

1.7 The environmental temperature for the project construction shall be no lower than 5


1.8 The project builders shall have clear division of labor, fixed responsibilities and fix posts. A specially-appointed technical person shall add additives (composite conductive powder) to the compo according to the proportion and a specially-assigned person shall take charge of the laying of earthing strip copper or strap.


1.9 Before the project construction, staff of each post shall define relevant specifications.


2. Construction


2.1   The surface works of the static-control porcelain floors shall include the construction of the base layer, binding layer, surface layer and electrostatic earthing system.


2.2 The mortar for the binding layer shall adopt the stiff compo having the volume ratio of 1:3, the thickness of 25-30mm. The surface shall be coated with a line of grout.


2.3 In the compo binding layer, the composite conductive powder shall be added according to the proportion. The weight ratio between the compo and conductive powder shall be 1:0.002.


2.4 When the conductive strip copper or aluminum tapes are laid on the binding layer of the compo binding layer, the longitudinal distance shall be 600mm and the transverse distance shall be 3000-5000mm (as shown in Figure 4.1.2). After the completion of the laying, the multimeter shall be used to detect the conductive strip copper or the aluminum tape so as to form gateways the record of acceptance of concealed work shall be done well.


2.5 Before the laying, the static-control porcelain floor pieces shall be arranged in advance. The specification, size, appearance quality and color of the static-control porcelain floor pieces shall be pre-selected. They shall be soaked in water and used after being dry.

2.6 In the laying, they shall be in place horizontally. The rubber mallet shall be adopted for tapping so that they can be tightly bonded. The surface smoothness and slot width shall be regulated.


2.7 When the static-control porcelain floor pieces are laid on the binding layer of the compo, the floor surface shall be clean. Slots shall be saved between the plates as designed. The places where the plates are by the wall shall be tightly joint and no mortar shall be adopted for the joint filling.


2.8 The plat pointing shall adopt cement of the same kind, strength level and color or other high-grade pointing materials. The curing and protection shall be done well. The pointing shall be performed in the clean workshops and the dust-free pointing materials shall be adopted.


2.9 The ground laid by the porcelain floor pieces shall be leveling, having straight lines and correct inlaying. The floor and the binding layer shall be closely stuck, free of vacancy.


2.10   The edge joint width of the plate shall be designed according to requirements. When the design is not stated, the width of the edge joints shall be no greater than 3mm.


2.11 The dimensional variation of the static-control porcelain floor surface shall meet provisions in Table 4.3.11.


Permissible Variation (mm) of the Size of Static-control Porcelain Floor Surface





Permissible Variation

Test Method


Surface smoothness


2m guiding rule and wedge gauge


Straight and level slot square


5m line and steel rule


Difference of height of seams


Steel rule and wedge guage


Plate gap width


Steel rule


2.12 After the laying of static-control porcelain floors, the surface shall be covered with fabrics and keep damp. The curing time shall be no less than 7d. When the compression strength of the compo of the binding layer has reached the requirements, the fresh water or 5%-10% oxalic acid or the neutral detergent solutions shall be adopted for cleaning so that the surface is clean.


2.13 When the surface of the floor is dry, the ground joint can be performed according to requirements in section 4.1.


2.14 The outdoor grounded part of the electrostatic earthing system shall have the independent earthing. In places that have no conditions, the grounded part can be connected to the ground bus. The number of the grounding electrodes shall be decided according to the geologic conditions of the soil. The outdoor earth resistance shall be no greater than 10Ω.


2.15 When on earthing electrode is shared by the electrostatic grounding and lighting earth, the DC working earthing, AC working earthing and Security protection earthing, the system earthing resistance shall be less than 1Ω and outside the lightning earth shunts, the static and other earthing shunts shall be installed with the lighting fighting sensitive resistors to ensure security.


2.16 The earthed system of the static-control porcelain floors shall be composed of the strip copper or aluminum tape earthing network under the floor, the indoor ground terminals, outdoor ground leads, outdoor connection units, current limiting resistors and outdoor in-ground earthing.


2.17 The electrostatic grounding, protective grounding and working earthing can share a group of earthing terrestrial poles. The Electrostatic grounding can be connected with the grounding electrode by the current limiting resistance and the connecting wire. The impedance of the current limiting resistance shall be 1MΩ.


Exclusive for Earthing Strip Copper


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