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Basic Requirements on Static Control in Plants << Returns tabulation

Basic Requirements on Static Control in Plants


I. Basic Rules for Static Protection


a. Restraining the accumulation of the static charges;


b. Rapidly, safely and effectively eliminating the generated static charges;


II. Static-control Working Space Field


1. Floorings


a. It is prohibited that the wood floors or fur, hemp, chemical fiber carpets and common floor leathers are directly adopted.


b. The ground composed of static conductor materials shall be selected, like the static-free floors of the static-control ground mats laid on the common ground and effectively earthing.


c. The adoption of the terrazzo floors that have undergone special treatment is allowed, like the pre-laid ground net, carburization or the spraying of antistatic agents on the floor.


2. Earthing: a. the static-control system must have an independent and reliable earthing unit with the earthing resistance no less than 10Ω. The in-built and test method shall meet requirements stated in GBJ 97.


b. The static-control earth wires can‘t be connected with the zero line of the power or shared with the lightning fighting earth wires.


c. The triphase five-wire system power supply shall be adopted. The geodetic line can work as the static-control earth wire (but, the zero line and the earth wire shall not adopt the multiple series connection).


d. The sectional area of the earthing trunk main shall be no less than 100mm2 and of the service main, no less than 6mm2. The ground lead for the equipment and worktable shall adopt the multistrand plastic wires with the sectional area no less than 1.25mm2. The color of the ground lead shall be yellow and green.


e. The connecting method of the earthing trunk main shall adopt the braze welding.


f.   The connection terminal of the static-control devices shall ensure the reliable contact and be easy for dismantle. Various clipped couplers, like the crocodile clips and connector assembly are allowed to be used.


3. Wall Facing Materials


The wall facing material shall adopt the antistatic wallpaper. Generally, the adoption of the parget paint or the calcareousness paint is allowed, but the common wallpaper and plastic wallpaper are prohibited to be adopted.


4. Humidity Control: a. the relative humidity in the static-free working space shall be no lower than 50%.


b. With the precondition that no harmful effects will be brought to the products, the adoption of humidifying equipment to spray preparations or water is allowed to add the ambient humidity.


c.   The humidity of the computer house shall meet relevant regulations stated in GB 2887 and like computer rooms shall also meet these regulations.


5. Regional Limit: the static-control working space shall have clear regional limit and hang caution signs in the obvious place. The caution signs shall meet provisions in GJB 1649. At the entrance of the working space. the ionized air bathing equipment shall be available.


6. It is prohibited that the charge source that are easy to generate static charges are used in the static-control working space.



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