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Solutions for Computer Rooms of Data Center << Returns tabulation

Solutions for Computer Rooms of Data Center


The computer room of the data center shall consider the construction of the software and hardware and the construction of the environmental conditions. It shall gather various advantages to provide the best service quality, the No.1 IDC services internationally and to provide a solid foundation for the development of enterprises in the E times.


I. Network Environment Guarantee


As the exchange hub of the ChinaNet main network, it shall have powerful network communication ability and the general exchange power of the network and shall be expanded continuously.


. Important network nodes shall adopt the multipoint redundant backup to improve the network performances and avoid the single-point failure.


. The DNS server shall be available to  analyze domain positively and reversely for clients.


. Multiple-path backups shall be provided to the client to ensure the network performance and specific connectivity for clients.


. Various transmittal methods shall be provided to clients. In each computer room, DDN, FR and  ATM nodes shall be available; sufficient optical fibers and telephone relay  resources shall be available to meet requirements on the substantive private lines and enterprise telecommunication from clients.


II. Hardware Environment Guarantee


. Providing standard cabinet, framework and supporting allotype equipment placing;


. Aluminum microwell plate suspended ceilings or undergoing the simple latex paint treatment;


. The wall shall be treated by the aluminum plastic plates or simple latex paint;


. The earthquake resisting level of the computer room shall be 6-8 level;


. Constant-temperature and constant-humidity air conditioners exclusive for the computer room;


. Providing machine-cage service and VIP booth services for clients having special security demands;


. Providing common console, working space and lobby for clients;


III. Power Guarantee


. Dual-circuit feeding and having intelligent UPS and on-line oil electric engine;


. The UPS is capable of supplying power for 30min; the oil electric engine can supply power for a long time to provide a reliable power supply guarantee.


IV. Security Guarantee


. The computer room shall have 7*24h professional public security and security guards.


. The computer room shall have close-up monitoring systems and have special monitoring personnel to perform the monitoring for 7*24h. Also, the remote monitoring services shall be provided to clients.


. The computer room shall have the IC card door lock system to keep away from those unrelated to enter the computer room.


. The working personnel of the computer room shall maintain the customer equipment according to the authorization conditions.


V. Fire-control Guarantee


. The construction of the computer room adopts the fire-control framework and materials; the fire-control ability shall meet the highest telecommunicating grade standard internationally.


. The computer room has perfect fire-control monitoring system that runs 7*24h to automatically detect fire conditions and alarms.


. Enough fire fighting equipment shall be available and the core computer room provides the gas fire-fighting equipment.


Requirements on General Technical Static-control Processes


1. The operator must have wired static-control wrist protection.


2. The table and console related to the operation of static sensing devices shall adopt the static-control pads.


3.   ESD sensitive devices must adopt the staid shielding and static-control devices.


4. The unsealing and testing of static sensing devices must be performed on the static-control worktables. If conditions allowed, the charges in the air can be eliminated by the ionized atom air generator.


5. The welding equipment for assembly and the figuration and tool set-up equipment must have earthing. The welding tools shall use the internal-heating irons and have favorable earthing. The earth resistance shall be small.


6. The power supply system for the power shall be isolated by the transformer. The earth wire shall be reliable to prevent the suspended earth wires. The earth resistance shall be less than 10Ohm.


7. In the product test and when the power is charged on, devices can‘t be pulled out and in at random, but when the power is shut off.


8. ESD sensitive devices shall not take out of the original packages untimely. The operation shall be correct. The pipe leg of the ESD sensitive device shall not be touched as possible.


9. When the wave soldering is adopted, the solders and transmission system must be earthing.


B.   On occasions having rigorous requirements on static prevention, the static-control techniques are needed.



1. In the high/low-temperature test or aging test of the ESD sensitive complete machines, the electrostatic potential test on the working space and the high/low-temperature boxes shall be made. The potential shall not exceed the threshold value and otherwise, the destaticizing treatment shall be carried out.



2. The welded printed board shall adopt the antistatic precautions in the three-proofing treatment. The common scratch brushing, ultrasonic washing or spray rinsing shall not be adopted.



3. In the debugging, measurement and testing of the low-resistance instruments and equipment (like the signals and bridges), they shall be connected to the input end of the ESD sensitive devices after the ESD sensitive devices are on.


4. On the production line of the ESD sensitive testing instruments, the electrostatic potential test shall be used strictly to monitoring the changes of the electrostatic potentials so that destaticizing measures can be adopted in time. Among the various static-control materials and devices, who to generate a favorable static-control effect by making reasonable and economic selections?

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