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Terms and Definitions


1. Static: surplus or insufficient still charges on the object surface.


2. Electrostatic Field: the electric field formed by the static  on its periphery.


3. Static Discharge: two objects having different electrostatic potentials, due to the direct contact or the electrostatic field induction, will have the transfer of electrostatic charges between them. When the energy of the static electric field reaches a certain degree and break down the media between them, the discharge phenomenon will happen, which is the static discharge.


4. Static Sensitivity: the static discharge voltage that can be received by the components and parts;


5. Static Sensing Device:  devices sensitive to the static discharges.


6. Earthing: the electric connection to objects that are capable of providing or accepting substantive charges, like the ground and boats.


7.   Neutralization: utilizing the charges of different polarity to eliminate the static.


8. Static-control Working Space: various static-control equipment and materials are equipped to restrain the electrostatic potentials; clear regional limit and special signs are available to be suitable for the static protection operations.

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