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Management over Static-control Facilities on the Production Site << Returns tabulation


Management over Static-control Facilities on the Production Site


1. Static Security Worktable: composed of worktable, static-control table pad, wristlet, joint and ground lead.


2. The static-control table pad shall have two and more wristlet joints: one for the operator and the other for the technician and checker.


3. On the static security worktable, it is not allowed that the plastic boxes, rubber, pasteboards and glass that are easy to generate static are placed. These sundries and information and drawing materials shall be put into the static-control file packets.


4. Static-control Wristlet: personnel that will have direct contact with static sensing devices must have static-control wristlets, which shall have favorable contact with the human skin. The resistance to ground of the wristlet system shall be 1MΩ.


5. Static-control Vessel: in the production site, the component-holding bag, turnover box, PCB load/deload materials shall have static protection functions. Metal and common vessels are not allowed to be used. All vessels must be earthing.


6. Static-control Work Clothes: personnel entering the static working space and personnel that have contact with the SMD components and parts must wear static-control work clothes. In particular, in the dry environment with the relative humidity less than 50% (like in winter), the facing material of the work cloth shall meet relevant standards of the state.


7. Personnel entering the working space must wear static-control footwares. Personnel wearing common shoes shall use the conductive shoe bundles, static-control shoe covers or heel straps.


8. The transporter and transmission shafts used on the production line shall have electrostatic-grounding brushes and pole support.


9.   The surface of the transporter may adopt the ionic breeze  static eliminator.


10. Assembly jigs, detection jigs, welding tools and various instruments utilized in the production site shall have favorable ground leads.


11. The entrance of the production site shall be installed with a static-control test task. Every person entering the production site shall take the static-control tests and can only enter the site after passing the test.

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