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In order to avoid unnecessary disputes, please read the service commitment on this website carefully. We‘ll serve our customers under the principle of insisting fairness and justifiableness and protecting customers‘interests.


Guaranteed floor: products can be returned if the packaging hasn‘t been damaged.


One year quality guarantee (guarantee period is decided in light of the floor type). If there is any quality problems within one year, return/replace of floors will be available.


For floors damaged due to improper application (artificially), charged replacement is available in our company.



We have strict control over product quality to ensure that on each section of the production and marketing of products there are quality control personnel for real-time control over the product quality and the feedbacks from clients. Also, hotlines are available and full-time staff is responsible for taking charge of after service problems, which ensures that demands from you can be replied and solved immediately.


2. Request on Repair


If there is any quality problem with the product after purchase, please state the cause in details when you are consulting our customer service department or returning the product so that our maintenance personnel can identify the cause of the problem accurately (whether caused artificially). If problems are beyond the guarantee range, some expenses will be charged.


3. Freight


The freight of products beyond the guarantee period shall be at the expense of the customer.


If you have any suggestions on our products and service, please don‘t hesitate to contact us at our 24h service line, and we‘ll provide you the best customer services.


24h customer service line: 158 1089 5756


24h customer service line: 010-82783019


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